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     Custom Braided kangaroo leads is what I specialize in. Canyon Creations of the West strives to effectively service the entire dog show market, from full-time professional handlers and groomers to local "civilins" who attend shows because of their love of their own pets.
       In order to accomplish this mission Beverly Carman not only designs and personally makes specialty items, but also attends several buying shows each year in order that she may offer the latest items from many sources for both full-time and casual clients.
       Her mainstream products, such as kangaroo leads and bait bags, are either in stock or available on custom order--but her inventory from the buying trips changes almost monthly--usually too often to be included on this web site.
       Her customers know that she will always have new and differrent products in her booth and are sure to "check it out", even if they saw her only a couple of weeks before.



Canyon Creations of the West * Phone: (208) 863-9844